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Thank you for your entrance into We consider your privacy seriously, and we want to protect your personal information. For more information please read our privacy policy.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect your personal information, use, and show (under certain conditions). This Privacy Policy represents the number of steps, which we have to take your Privacy. Finally, this Privacy Policy also explains your legal options regarding collection, use and highlighting your personal data (under certain circumstances). When you visit our site, you accept some of the descriptions of business practice in this remark. This privacy policy applies only to this page. This privacy policy does not necessarily apply to offline collection of your personal information. Ask to see the details below. We commit ourselves to protect the non commercial usage and data on other websites.


1. Data collection. We collect information from you in a variety of methods. Our goal in personal data collection is to offer an efficient, meaningful and individual experience. E.g.We use your personal information to:

* You this site to make it easier for you need to enter your data only once.
* To help you find the information, products and services quickly.
* Ourselves to help create the most specific information to you on this page.
* Interior of new information, products and service that we offer you to remember.
(A) Registration and ordering goods. Before you order the products on this page, you must first register with us. By registering you will be encouraged that you give us certain personal data, including name, billing address and shipping address, phone number, email address, and credit card number. In addition, we also ask you, give us your permanent country of residence and / or country where you work, so that we can comply with the applicable law and the relative regulations and consider your family to our service. Every conceivable personal data is used for accounting purposes and for international marketing purposes, to fulfill your order for goods, and to establish the connection with you, so we can contact you if we encounter a problem in processing your order for goods.
(B) Email address. Some areas of our site we can register your email address, but some places are voluntary, where you can register for free for promotional display of our newsletter. After your registration, we will send you a new newsletter, it is current information provided. Their participation in the competition is voluntary. This is your option to participate in either competition, or to give us the information. We notify the winners and award prizes you information relative to the price. We make the winner's name and address in the competition announced on our side.
(C) Cookies and other technology. On several pages, we use cookies and web-light signal (known as clear GIF technology or "action day") to make your visit to our site and to enable the use of certain functions.
(i) Cookies are small text files that are stored on your PC, and after the browser session automatically deleted from your computer. You can set your browser so that you are informed of cookies to decide case by case basis whether to accept or exclude in principle the acceptance of cookies on this. In the non-acceptance of cookies, the functionality of our online stores may be limited. THE COOKIES IN THIS PAGE MAY NOT BE IN THE PLATT THE CUSTOMER ENTRY TO THE CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION OF THE CUSTOMER TO COLLECT: Our cookies are not "spying things";
(Ii) web traffic signal supports the registered cookies, which we can determine which page was visited, and how many times they were visited. For example, some electronic images on this page, such as advertising banners can function as a web traffic signal.
(Iii) We will support the advertising by third-shops to provide our customers with the appropriate content and to throw our advertising. These advertising companies may use cookies and web traffic signal, to measure the effectiveness of advertisements. (Which pages are visited or what products were ordered and what quantities).
(Iv) As an example, Facebook collects certain information through cookies and Web beacons to determine which websites are visited or what products are purchased. Please note that links all information collected by Facebook via cookies and Web beacons is not for every customer the collection of personal data by us is t.
(D) log file. The server understands the Internet UPL visited the site. We will log your Internet ID, Internet service provider, the file / time stamps of the management system, the confirmation of goods ordered, and operational marketing, and error handling. (An IP address indicates the location of your computer on the Internet.)
(E) Age. We will send the customer their privacy. We intentionally collect any personal information from minor children who are younger than 13 years. If you are younger than 18 years, you have to watch this page with your parents or carers together.
(F) The assessment of the products. You may give us an assessment of application of the products. If you send us the application for each post, we will ask you about your e-mail address and geographical location, so other customers can view your geographic location, while your email address will be kept personal. So, if the personal information which you have used when submitting the evaluation of products, are disclosed by other customers, we are not obligated for. We trust that you can give us further in the submission of useful assessment without revealing your personal information.

2. Use and disclosure of information.

(A) Operational use. We act in your order for goods with your personal data and provide efficient customer service. Improve the content and layout of our page with your personal data. (Inclusive of service and product marketing). (B) Communicate with you: We will communicate with your personal data. If you have registered with us, we will send you an email for confirmation purposes. We will not send any notice, except when it is necessary. (For example: if we lock our service browser must provisionally). We use your personal data for administration purposes only when you have previously given your consent, we will use this data for product-related marketing purpose and scope, and even then only to the extent necessary for the specific case. We need to keep in touch with you so that you select the location where you can get your goods.
(C) Other applications. We want to offer you the best service and great range. We mainly sell the goods, not information. We sell convey any personal data or financial information. Unless:
(I) Sometimes we work with other wholesalers in order to exercise the special features. If we introduce this service provider data, this revelation for service purposes are carried out. Our third party (such as DHL and UPS) will need the personal information like your name, address, telephone number or email address with which the goods are shipped and can be delivered.
(Ii) We also need the financial services, credit card data processor to your credit card number. We protect your personal data by cutting-edge technology when we have confirmed your credit card information.
(Iii) In the event you have chosen to use the Bill Me Later payment option and it helps you to buy products and get customer service. We must provide the last four (4) digits of your Social Security number and date of birth in the financial services company, to process your transaction. If you send us this information for the approval and authorization, we use state-of-the-art data encryption to protect your data.
(Iv) We must disclose information in response to requests from law enforcement authorities for the conduct of investigations, subpoenas, legal requirement or if we otherwise required by law to disclose this information. We will also disclose personal information where this is necessary to protect our rights to enforce our Terms of Use or other agreements or to protect ourselves against others. For example, we can share information in order to reduce the risk of fraud or if someone tries to use our site for illegal purposes or to commit fraud.
(V) We sell / other companies do not provide identifiable personal data for commercial purpose. In some cases we will encourage other companies to pass on personal data. In this case, your personal data will be made public, but this announcement will be carried out under the Data Protection Directive.
(Vi) We will notify the third party with the impersonal information. (Such as the daily number of visitors to specific webpage).
(Vii) We may publish your name, city and state of competition and the prize draw winners.

This site covers technical, electronic, and managerial methods of treatment, as well as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for all financial transactions. Your personal data is encrypted using SSL method on the Internet. We secure our website and other systems through technical and organizational measures against loss, access, modification or use your personal data by unauthorized persons. So the access is limited to your personal data. Only the relative staff who may need your personal data necessarily access your personal information with certain work. Finally, we build the physical security of our PCs on the third-party service. We trust that their security measures are sufficient. For example: when you visit our site, please call on the server that hinder the union in a safe physical environment behind a locked cabin or fire protection wall.
We use industry-standard security measures to protect your personal information. But we could not guarantee 100% security, because 100% security does not exist online or offline.

At your request, we will (a) update or correct your personal data, (b) stop sending you email, (c) suspend your account. You can achieve such requirements at the customer's specification, or by telephone, e-mail to , please do not write credit card number or other sensitive information.
HDTVCar your personal data not only attempt at online but also offline to collect. For example: the customers are calling us to determine the order for goods, or provide a few questions for us. If we need to store your personal information, we enter into our database through SSL (please read the above information on data protection) one. We obtain your personal data with various offline modes. This policy will not be discussed or predicted. We strive to ensure that the data collection, use and disclosure of data offline and online are the same.

If we change this privacy policy or refresh, we write the change, or update on the page so that you always remember, which collects data to be used or disclosed. We suggest that this Privacy Policy from time to time comments look to know the latest changes. If you have any question to us, please contact us by email or by phone.