Product Features:
A perfect tool for measuring and calculating the distance, area and volume of a room!
Also displays current temperature (when power is on)
Transmits ultrasonic waves to measure the distance between where you stand and the target place
Afterwards, it measures the time taken by the waves to reflect and then calculates and re-transcribes the distance
Laser pointer to mark the distance you measure
Perfect for home handymen, realtors, builders, and anyone who needs measurement or room area quickly
Features waterproof construction, can be used indoors & outdoors
Has store function, can store up to 3 measurements
Unit of measurement: feet or meters
With backlit LCD display for easy reading
Power saving: automatically power off if no keys pressed within about 30 seconds
Different buttons on the panel:
--- Measure button: for lighting up the display screen
--- Laser button: appears for about 5 seconds to mark the distance you measure
--- Feet/ Meter button: repeatly press this button for measure in feet/ meter
--- Store + M1, M2, M3 buttons: for storing the reading in that memory location
--- All memory clear button: Hold it for 3 seconds for clearing all stored measurements
--- Volume: for calculating volume
--- Area: for calculating area
--- +/ - button: for adding/ substracting measurements
Note: Don't stare into the laser beam and also don't shoot laser beam into any other's eyes
Note: Error might appear if you try to measure a distance shorter than the range of 2 feet (0.50m) or longer than 60 feet (18.288m)
Note: the working range is measured in a straight-line, some types of curtains and blinds or other objects in the way may result in false measurement
Product Specifications:
Accuracy: 0.5% + 1 digit (2 ~ 60ft)
Working Frequency: 40KHz
Working Temperature: 32? to 109.4? (0? ~ 43?)
Range: 2 to 60ft (0.50 to 18.288m)
Resolution: 0.01M or 1/2 Inch
Wavelength: 650mm
Power: 1 x 9V Alkaline battery (not included)
Color: orange & black
Size: 15.6 x 6.7 x 2.8cm

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Waterproof LCD Ultrasonic Distance Measurer Area & Volume Calculator with Laser Pointer

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