The Indoor High Precision Thermo-Hygrometer with clock
User 's Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of the indoor high precision thermo-hygrometer. This instrument is a portable easy use and compact. Built-in thermistor as temperature sensor, hygristor as the humidity sensor with excellent long term stability. Best for use in factory, storehouse, hospital, laboratory, office or home room, etc.

It is recommended that you read the user's manual thoroughly before operating the units.

About the battery
1. Do not put the battery directly into flames. Additionally, do not attempt to short, take apart, alter or recharge the battery. Any of these actions may result in battery leakage, overheating, fire or explosion.
2. If any liquid from the battery enters the eyes, or comes in contact with your body, wash the contacted area thoroughly with water, consult a physician immediately.
3. Continued use of an old/expired battery may result in leakage or explosion.
4. Insert the battery in the correct polarity. Otherwise may result in battery leakage or explosion.
5. Only use battery types specified in this manual.
6. Keep removed battery in a place that is out of reach of the hands of children. If a child inadvertently swallows a battery, consult a physician immediately .
About the battery
1. Always remove the battery when it is depleted, or if you are not planning to use this product for an extended period of time. Keeping it in the product may result in leakage or explosion.
2.Follow all local rules and regulations when disposing of the battery. (Be sure to replace the dry cell battery at least once a year)
3. If a depleted battery is left inside the product, fluid inside the battery may leak. When the battery is depleted, replace it with a fresh battery as soon as possible, and dispose of the depleted battery in a proper manner that corresponds to local rules and regulations.
About the LCD panel
1. Characters displayed on the LCD panel will appear lighter and darker depending on the viewing angle.
2. The LCD display may become dull in low temperatures, and darken in high temperatures.
3. Do not touch the screen of the LCD panel with your fingers. This may cause the screen to become dirty.
4. If the LCD panel is left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, the screen may turn black and become impossible to read.
About the unit
1. This may result in injury or damage that the user attempt to take apart, modify or repair the unit.
2. This product is not waterproof. Do not immerse in water or allow to come into contact with water or rain.
3. Do not use in areas where there is a lot of dust. This may result in damage.
4. Do not touch with wet hands.
5. Avoid any strong shocks or jolts to the product.
6. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight for extended period of time.
7. Place the product where children cannot reach it.
8. Wipe with a soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent. Never use spray cleaners, benzene or thinners.
9. This product is not suitable for medical or industrial use.
Please refer to it as a guide for temperature and humidity levels during normal everyday use.

Temperature display in ºC/ºF with MIN./MAX. records.
Humidity display in % R.H. with MIN./MAX. records.
All MIN./MAX. recordings can be reset.
Comfort level indicator : "COMFORT", "WET", "DRY".
Calendar, alarm clock, announce hour and 12/24 hours system clock.
Wall mounting or table standing.

Temperature measuring range: -10ºC~60ºC (14ºF~140ºF)
Temperature accuracy : ±1.0 ºC ( ±1.8F)
Temperature resolution : 0.1 ºC ( 0.2F)
Humidity measuring range : 10% ~ 99% R.H.
Humidity accuracy : ± 4%(30%~80%R.H.) , other ± 7%
Operation Environment : -10°C~60°C(14°F~140°F)
Storage Environment : - 20°C~60°C (- 4°F~140°F),
0~70% R.H. with battery removed from meter.
Battery : 1 x AAA, IEC R03-1.5V
Battery life : approximately 12 months
Dimensions : 120 x 74 x 25 (L x W x H) mm
Weight : approximately 104g including battery

Function button
SELECT : 1. Press button is less than 1 second,
Converting between clock and alarm clock.
2. Press and hold button is for 2 seconds,
Setting clock and calendar or alarm clock.
SET/DATE : 1. Date indicates at clock mode.
2. Adjust the value of setting item,
alarm clock and announce hour on/off.
MAX/MIN : 1. Press to view the MAX. or MIN. indoor
temperature and humidity records ,
2. Press and Hold for 2 seconds to clear
the MAX. or MIN. records.
ºC/ºF : Selecting the temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
RESET : Clear all the setting and memory, return to the
original status.

Open battery cover, Place 1 x AAA, IEC R03-1.5V battery into the compartment. All segments of the LCD will light up. The indoor temperature, humidity level, time will be displayed.

Time setting :
Press and hold [SELECT] button for 2-seconds, the minute starts gleaming, then pressing [SET/DATE] button to adjust the minutes. The reading can be increased 1 when press [SET/DATE] button once. You can press and hold button until satisfied reading appeared.
Press [SELECT] button twice to set up hour, then press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the hours.
Press [SELECT] button three times to select 12 / 24 hours system, then press [SET/DATE] button to select.
Press [SELECT] button four times to set up year, then press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the years.
Press [SELECT] button five times to set up month, then press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the months.
Press [SELECT] button six times to set up day , then press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the days .
Press [SELECT] button once again to confirm.

Alarm clock setting:
Press [SELECT] button once to enter the alarm clock , gleaming Second stopped. Then press and hold [SELECT] button 2 seconds, the minute starts gleaming, press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the minutes. Press [SELECT] button once again, the hour starts gleaming, press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the hours, press [ SELECT] button twice to confirm.
Alarm clock turn on /off:
Press [SELECT] once to enter alarm clock , gleaming Second stopped. Press [SET/DATE] button, a alarm clock symbol will appear , Press [SET/DATE] button, the announce hour symbol will appear. Press [SET/DATE] button once again, the alarm clock and announce hour symbol will appear synchronously, it means that the alarm clock and announce hour function are both turn on. Continue to press [SET/DATE] can turn on or turn off follow in proper sequence, Press [ SELECT] to confirm.
Calendar display:
At clock mode, press [SET/DATE] to display the date automatically, it will be back after 3 seconds.
MAX/MIN Humidity and temperature display:
Press [MAX/MIN] button to display MAX/MIN temperature and humidity from the memory, meantime the "MAX" and "MIN" symbol will appear . Press the button for 2 seconds to clear the memory.
The "COMFORT" symbol will appear when temperature is 20°C~26°C (68F~78.8F)and relative humidity is 50%~70%RH. "WET" symbol will appear at any temperature when relative humidity is over than 70%RH. "DRY" symbol will appear at any temperature when relative humidity is below 50%RH.
Notice: Because of hands influence, Place it alone for an hour then to read after setting finished.

Replacing battery
Remove the battery from battery compartment. Replace a new AAA battery with polarity as indicated on the bottom of battery compartment. Place the battery cover.

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