Main Features
Highly technological design
Microcomputer display control
Offline engraving, easy to carry, insert U disk to operate
Continuous engraving for 24 hours, larger engraving area, double engraving efficiency
A variety of engraving mode selection, black and white, contour, discrete, sketch multiple engraving modes
Multi-function interface with power supply, usb and computer data cable jack for a variety of engraving needs
Microcomputer panel, new micro-computer panel display, inserting u disk can be used offline, more convenient
Pure aluminum alloy slide
High-quality pure aluminum alloy mold opening, brushed silver texture, high quality, more experience
High-quality transmission wheel belt
Made of high-quality transmission wheel belt to make the track, with good toughness and wear resistance
Beautiful line drawing, more secure use, more beautiful appearance
The laser head can be rotated to adjust the focus for easy operation
The software is simple to operate, powerful can be connected to a computer, or can be used offline ( Chinese, English, Japanese 3 languages )
Engraving application range:
- Combustible materials: wood, paper, plastic, leather, bamboo, bone teeth, acrylic, etc.
- Cuttable materials within 1mm: paper, wood, leather, non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, etc.
- Combustible materials: wood, paper, plastic, leather, bamboo, bone and teeth, acrylic, metal paint, etc.
- Metal materials: stainless steel, anodizing, dark plating, electrophoretic paint, etc.
- Cuttable materials within 2.5mm: wood, leather, non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, etc.
within 1mm: non-transparent plastic sheet, cake card, glitter paper, etc.

Model Number: L1
Type: Laser engraving machine
Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
Laser Power: 3000mW/7000mW
Laser Reaching Range: 10-80mm
Power By: AC
Package weight: 4.263 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 42.00 x 45.00 x 16.00 cm / 16.54 x 17.72 x 6.3 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 58.00 x 39.00 x 15.00 cm / 22.83 x 15.35 x 5.91 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Laser Engraving Machine

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DAJA L1 Off-line Laser Engraving Machine 3000mW Mini Desktop Printer with Carver Size 155 x 175mm / High Speed ​​Laser Engraving Cutter for Wood / Plastic / Bamboo / Rubber / Leather

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