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Brand New
2 Year Warranty
To drill holes on concrete, brick, stone and other hard materials
for SDS drill, for SDS Plus drills
Package Includes:
Package Include:
12x Drill Bits
3x Flat Chisels
2x Bull Point
1x Case
Drill Bits Diameter:
3/16" x 110mm
1/4" x 110mm
5/16" x 110mm
3/8" x 110mm
1/4" x 160mm
5/16" x 160mm
3/8" x 160mm
1/2" x 160mm
5/16" x 210mm
3/8" x 210mm
1/2" x 260mm
9/16" x 260mm
Bull Point:
Point Chisel:
9/16" x 9 13/16"(14x250mm)
Flat Chisel:
3/4" x 5-1/2"
3/4" x 10"
1-5/8" x 10
Authority ID:MXR02FXSY
Notice:California Prop 65 Warning
Notice:California Prop 65 Warning

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17x Hammer Bits Drill Bit Chisel Fit SDS Plus Rotary Groove Concrete Set

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