General Motors Emergency Kit for Auto Door and Home Window Alignment, Roadside Assistant for emergencies. Affordable tool, very efficient. It will not damage your vehicle.
Professional kits for cars and trucks, each designed to be flexible and easy to operate, getting the job done in minutes. Available for all vehicle types.
1.Upgraded Long Handle Tool:
High quality solid steel construction, not easy to bend. It consists of 4 sections - 16.35" (~41.4cm) handle bar, 16.35" (~41.4cm) hook rod and 2 16.5" (~41.9cm) extension rods, up to 65" (~168cm) when assembled ). 3 sizes can be assembled according to different needs. Non-slip soft rubber handle protection and groove design, easy to assemble and disassemble, lengthen the hook head rubber position, no need to worry about damaging the car paint.
2.Two high quality air wedge bags:
Made of high quality TPU material. Rounded corners, hard durable edges, smooth exterior for easier insertion to resist greater stress. A simple squeeze pump and precise bleeder valve help you raise and lower into perfect alignment. Inflatable air bags are suitable for windows, doors, cabinet installations, appliances and plumbing. NOTE: Do not over inflate to avoid damage to the bladder.
3.Decorative removal tool:
Made of impact-resistant nylon fiber material with matte finish, stronger than ordinary ABS, non-toxic and environmentally friendly design. 4 different car trim removal kits + 1 wedge piece remover, suitable for removing and installing audio, wireless circuit boards, cars, boats, sail window trim and home trim, and is harmless to car paint throughout the refit.
The package includes:
4 long reach grabbers
2 air bag pumps
4 trim removal tools
4 fastener nuts
2 wrenches
1 injury free wedge
1 tool case bag
1 manua

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18pcs Car Tools Kit with 4 long reach grabbers, 2 air bag pumps, 4 trim removal tools, 4 fastener nuts, 2 wrenches, 1 injury free wedge, 1 tool case bag, 1 manual

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