Product Introduction:
The wifi endoscope adopts the latest 2.0 version of the wifi technology, higher than that of common on market at present is 1.0 version, can be in commonly used android, apple IOS system, such as mobile phone, tablet, easy to operate, the picture is clear, simple to use, to view, photos, videos, is suitable for various purposes.

Product use:
used to check engine, hydraulic parts, nozzle parts quality inspection and assembly testing.
Industrial machinery:
used for inspection, boiler, heat exchanger; Mechanical equipment and manufacturing equipment.
for manufacturability configuration pipes, pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment.
Electronic, electrical worker to:
used for inspection mechanical action. Parts inspection and research development.
to help check whether there is any rust and corrosion on the gas pipe and water, exhaust pipe mouth have injured and so on.
Aviation and space flight:
for the turbine, blade, regular inspection of the combustion chamber, or the body check, and research and development, manufacture of rocket engine.
except for equipment maintenance, also used for pipe product quality inspection.
Railway, shipping:
used to examine the turbine, heater, diesel engine, the flame boiler, pipe inspection.
to check the corrosion of steel pipe and dirt, walls and other internal diagnosis, the status of the steel bar rusting, the crack of bridge joint wait, can also be used for observation hole, the inside of the tunnel construction model.
Department of public security, customs:
can be used to check the items in the hide of drugs and the contraband or dangerous goods without to remove items, etc.
The pipeline:
check the drain pipe corrosion and plugging of diagnosis.
used in nuclear power, coal, hydropower station of all kinds of heat exchangers, piping, inspection and maintenance of the turbine etc.
for the Buddha, ancient tomb internal observation, etc.

Product Features:
*Wifi version: 2.0
*Camera pixels: 300000
*Resolution: 640 X 480 (VGA) / 25frames
*Wifi frequency: 2.400~2.4835GHz
*Lens Angle: 54 degrees Fahrenheit
*Inserted into the pipe diameter: 14 mm
*Product total length: 97 cm
*Inserted into the pipe length: 77 cm
*Four white leds can be adjusted
*Focus lighting brightness: Max 850 Lux (10 cm)
*Signal transmission distance: 50M
*Battery capacity: 750 mA
*Working time: 1.5 - 2 hour
*Close products (SF) stadia: 6 cm to infinity
*Use the platform: The mobile phone or tablet computer with Android or Apple system
*Lens waterproof level: IP67
*Working temperature: - 10 - 50 degree
*Net weight: 0.60 kg
*Carton size: 350 X 210 X 60 mm

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