KSD-288 series digital telephone recorder 8G MP3 player voice record & monitor portable black


Model: KSD-288
Output: DC 5V 500mA
Input: AC 110V 60Hz
Recording file formats: MP3 format
Material: ABS
Frequency response:100Hz--20 KHz
Capacity: up to 8GB
Impedance: 2-4Ω
Dimension: 12.5cm*12cm*5cm/ 32in*30in*12.7in
Weight: 157g/5.5oz
Color: black

1. Compact and portable design---you can use the telephone recording box wherever you go, from a fixed office or home to travel on the way, or any other convenient place to phone (e.g. When you talk with customers over telephone in the hotel).

2. Online Talk recording function---recording incoming or outgoing calls are available online.

3. 128M-8G large-capacity--- Support SD card, up to 8G capacity, archiving record without computer

4. Dual recording mode Automatic and manual---The default mode of the recorder is the automatic recording mode. The recording mode can be set to automatic or manual depending on your needs. When the phone is picked up, the recorder starts to record automatically in the default mode.

5. Built-in automatically establishing the recording folder according to date---Such as recorded in September 9, 2010; the file name is 20100909.Recycling entry time +phone number is to be the MP3 format. For example, 21:09:09, file name is 210909 + Phone Number: MP3, which facilitates the management of and access to audio content.

6. Recording documentation can be in multiple playback modes---play directly in the recording box or get the SD card to play on the computer

7. Simple interface, easy to use.

8. Blue screen, liquid crystal display.

9. Supports MP3 format music player---Plug in any SD or FT card with MP3 format music, and it can play music to make your job easier.

10. 3.5MM headphone jack--can connect to headphones to listen to the recording file or music without disturbing others.

11. Recording length---each 1G capacity of the memory card can record 36 hours, 8G can be recorded up to 288 hours talk time (continuous recording12 days).

12. Usage---
1) Easy to achieve discipline
2) Easy to know who is responsible in scheduling system in electric power, railway, civil aviation, etc.
3) Easy to know what to do assigned by superior in government, company
4) Easy to know every details in telephone interview, evidence collection
5) Fair business in finance & securities and commercial & trade
6) Information passed instantly when there is no one attended at key project
7) Customer resource never lost with recording customer service
8) Recoding the memorable moment within family and friends.


1x telephone recorder
1x power adapter
1x telephone line
1x user guide

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KSD-288 series digital telephone recorder 8G MP3 player voice record & monitor portable black

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