3 Video Devices to 1 TV Set Black AV RCA Multi Box NEW

Ingenious 3 video devices to 1 TV set box with 1 composite AV RCA cable
3 input channels
1 output channel
100% new
High quality assurance
Ultra flexible PVC jacket
6-connector AV cable enables one TV set to hook up to this switch box
And with another 3 cables (not included), TV set can be connected with three video devices
Designed to provide sharp, clear audio and video for your home theater system
Convenient switch designed on the top of the multi AV selector
No need to plug and unplug in wires when changing from game consoles, DVD players, RCA players, and even digital camcorders
Heavy duty RCA male connectors on each end provide excellent strain relief to keep your cable intact
Color coded connectors help to simplify installation
Easy connection--simply connect 3 video devices to the 3 inputs while TV to the output connectors
Convenient operation--just push the switch to select which device you want to be connected to TV
AV cable type: red / white / yellow composite AV cable
Connectivity: RCA (M x 3) to RCA (M x 3)
Suggested applications: TV / DVD / projectors / game consoles / Nintendo Wii / Game Cube / PS2 / XBOX360 /Cameras / Camcorders
Color: Blue, Yellow, Black(Random shipments)
Cable length: 1.45m (Approx.)
Size: 165 x 65 x 30mm

Package Included:
1 x Universal 3 Video Devices to 1 TV Set Switch Box
1 x RCA Composite AV Cable

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3 Video Devices to 1 TV Set Black AV RCA Multi Box NEW

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