Many residential or commercial applications now have several pairs of speakers, and the need of using plugging wire is very complicating and inconvenient ,
LINEPAUDIO-2 pairs of speaker switchers. The compact type table switch can utilize one power amplifier signal input to provide and connect 2 pairs of sound selection switch output loudspeakers.
Products can be used in residential or commercial applications to provide low-cost distributed audio signal switching output applications, providing a perfect solution to the requirements.
The internal switch of the product adopts a series and parallel wiring combination frame, to ensure the stable output of the connected power amplifier. When connecting 2 pairs of 8 ohms speakers, it can also support the minimum 4 ohms load.
This means that any conventional power amplifier or stereo receiver can drive multiple sets of speakers. There is no need to increase the external impedance matching device.
Switching the output signal does not affect the sound quality and volume loss of any other sound, and can be easily combined with any device.

Product features
The product is made of solid metal case and rubber pad with non-slip at the bottom.
All loudspeaker connections use color coded push terminals.
Up to 14 AWG hoisting line is acceptable. No need of external power.
Suitable for 8 ohm- 16 ohms loudspeakers, switch signal utilize heavy rocker arm switch, and the front of the product adopts attractive tilting roof.
Channel power: 200 W per channel rated power.
The frequency response is 10 Hz to 50 kHz.
Net product weight: 453g.
Weight after packing: 573g.
Product size: 175mm length x 115mm width x 50mm height.
Packing size: 200 mm length x 180 mm width x 55 mm height,.

Packing list
1X 1 input and 2 output of passive speaker switch, 2 channel stereo speaker switch allocator.

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1 input and 2 output of passive speaker switch 2 channel stereo speaker switch distributor

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