The LINEPAUDIO binary passive switch comparator uses an audio crossover circuit architecture which is a combination center of a pair of speakers and two channel audio signal switch controllers.
It provides you with the convenience and flexibility to listen to different loudspeakers and power amplifiers in power amplifier and speaker systems. Designed to provide your speakers with a lossless audio combination of audio amplifiers or home theater systems, the product unit features high-quality, precision manufactured loudspeaker connectors.
The product can accept up to 12 specifications connecting head wire combination control, in order to harvest maximum reliability and durability. Each channel can handle 200W RMS.
The product can support any conventional power amplifier or stereo receiver can drive multiple sets of speakers. There is no need to increase the external impedance matching device.
Switching the output signal does not affect the sound quality and volume loss of any other sound, and can be easily combined with any device.

Product features
Listen to power amplifiers A or B through a pair of speakers.
A speaker 1 or 2 is heard from one of the two power amplifiers.
Compatible with all types of power amplifiers and speakers.
The input / output receives the heavy-duty speaker wire or speaker pin wire through the terminal port.
Press the speaker selection switch to the corresponding speaker 1 or speaker 2 position.
Press the amplifier selection switch to the corresponding amplifier A or amplifier 2 position.
Turn on your stereo device, the product does not need external power supply.
Fine steel housing, compact size suitable for any system.
Channel power: up to 200W per channel.
The frequency response: 10 Hz to 50 kHz.
Net product weight: 712 g.
Weight after packing: 876 g.
Product size: 210mm length x 110mm width x 450mm height.
Packing size: 260 mm length x 185 mm width x 65 mm height.

Packing list
1 x 2 input and 2 output passive speaker switcher; power amplifier loudspeaker switch distributor comparator.

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2 input and 2 output of passive speaker switch comparator

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