LINEPAUDIO 1 in and out XLR Distributor horizontal parallel Distributor when you need to divide line level signal into 6 routes, please use this product to solve your device separation problem.
The product inputs a XLR signal source, connects to 6 XLR interfaces, adds additional amplifiers to the equipment system, connects multiple active stereo speakers, and separates intercom lines.
Input (XLR) is used to connect signal line input. The output XLR6) Jack is connected in parallel to the input line level signal, and the output can usually be separated from six interfaces without significant signal quality distortion. The actual number of partitions that can be completed depends on the level of the source signal and the impedance of the source.

Product features
Please use this convenient box when you need to divide the line level signal into six times.
1 XLR input socket in parallel to 6 XLR outputs.
Additional amplifiers are added to the system to connect a plurality of active speakers.
Split up intercom lines, etc.
Net product weight: 310 g.
Weight after packing: 430g.
Product size: length 130 mm X width 100 mm X height 39 mm.
Packing size: length 200 mm X width 180 mm X height 55 mm.

Packing list
1X 1 input and 6 output XLR split horizontal parallel distributor.

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1 XLR split horizontal parallel distributor

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