12V DC to 220V AC Car Power Inverter Adaptor Converter 100W
Product Overview & Features

This inverter allows you to operate your home or office electrical products such as notebook, laptop, digital camera, mobile/cell phone or any device (with 220/240V) from a car vehicle or boat supplies 100W of AC from a 12V outlet or battery... So, it is great for your camping or long road trips...

Brand New & High Quality
12V/24V DC to 220/240V AC Power Inverter
Output AC power 100W
Best for any AC appliances with 220/240V
Great for camping or road trips
This is a safe & high quality Power Inverter, as it has:
>>short-circuit protection.
>>High Voltage/Low Voltage protection.
>>Overheat protection.

Input Volt: 12V
Output Volt: 220/240V +- 10%
Output AC Power: 100W

How to use it?
>>Connect the DC plug of the inverter to the Car's cigarette lighter..
>>Turn on the inverter...
>>Connect your AC product to the inverter
>>The green light indicates the inverter is operating normally.....

Please note that your device should be 220/240V.... otherwise, it could damage your device......

Package included:
1 x 12V/24V DC to 220V AC Power Inverter Adaptor Converter 100W
1 x AC travel wall charger (US plug, 250V~5A)
1 x Chinese-English user manual

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12V DC to 220V AC Car Power Inverter Adaptor Converter 100W

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