How to use: Using the eyelash curler will mirror slightly in a line of sight below the eyes down at an angle to see the place to 45 degrees, then the eyelash curler into the roots of eyelashes gently force. Then to maintain a slight force, eyelash curler slowly move up until the central position of the eyelashes stopped, folder 5 seconds and release. Note folder eyelashes, must maintain a fixed head and arm, not in a turbulent environment. Use Tips: A rubber pad in contact with the eyelashes is the most dirty parts after every use a tissue to wipe away all the dirt, every other week the best wipe with an alcohol swab. In addition, the folder eyelashes too hard rubber pad will also affect the life and injury eyelashes. To gently. Eyelash curler on the rubber pad 3-6 months will be aging, if the cracks, timely updates of new products.

Condition: Brand new

Size:10.5cm X 8cm X 5cm

Weight: 0.045 Kg

Material: Stainless steel

Colour:as picture

SKU: HQS-Y36924

Notice: Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting. All pictures are real stock photos.

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With spring stainless steel eyelash curler

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