Two-Channel Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point Data Logger with USB Interface
and LCD Display
It Can Also Be Used As an Easy and Portable Meter
This data logger measures and stores up to 32,000 humidity(0 to 100%RH) and temperature(-35 to 80°C(-31~176F)) readings. Dew point and more professional applications can be provided by the PC software DGraphTM. Logger status, alarm indication and low battery indication are via flashing red/green LED and yellow LED. The button on housing can be used to start logging, or confirm and clear LED alarm when LED alarm is hold status.
User can plug data logger straight into PC's USB port without any cables. Before getting started, user need to install USB driver and DGraphTM software, provided on the CD which is included in product packing box. All the software can run under Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8(32 bit and 64 bit Versions). User can easily use DGraphTMsoftware to setup sample rate(from 10 seconds to 12 hours), high/low alarm limit and start/stop method , and download data to PC, etc. And then user can view, analyse and print the data, or export other file formats(txt, xsl, csv, bmp, jpg).
Especially, for some professional applications, user can set access password, name each channel, enable/disable specified channel, input calibration data for each channel, disable LED indication for saving power, and select sample mode(Instant, Average, Maximum and Minimum), etc.
This data logger is used mainly to monitor and verify humidity&temperature-sensitive goods, equipment or areas. e.g.:

Relative Humidity
Measurement range
Accuracy(Typ.)Figure 1
0.1%RH typically
0.1%RH typically
Long Term Drift
<0.5%RH per year
<0.5%RH per year
Measurement range
Accuracy(Typ.)Figure 2
0.1°C / 0.2F
0.1°C / 0.2F
Long Term Drift

Number of Channels
Double Channels (One for humidity and the other for temperature)
User can enable/disable any channels when setup via DGraphTM
Memory Capacity
64KBytes(Total 32,000 readings for all channels)
Sample Rate
Can be selected from 10 seconds to 12 hours
Start Method
Immediately, Start by button, and Start at date&time
Stop Method
Stop when memory full, overwrite when memory full, stop by button and stop until specified number of sample points
Sample Mode
Instant(default), average, maximum and minimum
This will decide how to dispose data at idle time between a sample interval
Software config to start logging bybutton, or clear and reset LED alarm when LED alarm is hold
Red&green LED: Logger Status indication(Include Delay to Start, Logging, Alarm, Finished)
(Sofware can disable this two LED for saving power)
Yellow LED: Low battery indication
User programmable high or low alarm limit for each channel(If necessary)
LED alarm and hold
Direct USB connection
Need to install the driver provided on CD
PC Software
DGraphTM software and USB driver required (Included on CD)
(Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7&8(32 bit & 64bit Versions))
Use these software to setup, download, view graph and analyse data
Power Supply
User replaceable 1/2AA 3.6V Lithium Battery 1200mAh
NOTE: USB interface can supply power directly if necessary
Battery Life
Approx. 2 Years @ 1 Minute Sample Rate
Approx. 4 Years @ 10 Minute Sample Rate
Approx. 8 Years without any sample task
NOTE: It also Depends on ambient temperatures and using of LEDs
Operating Range
0 to 100%RH -35 to 80°C(-31 to 176F)
Storage Range
Recommended: 20 to 60%RH 10 to 50°C(50 to 122F)
Case Material
Approx. 90 grams(3.19 oz)
Mounting bracket (Optional) or locking eyelet
Standard Compliance

This new data logger is designed to use very easily. You only need to operate step by step according to the"Quick Start Guide" included in product packing box(or pdf file on the CD). Below is all related document:
Product Datasheet Current document, included on the CD
Quick Start Guide Printed and included on the CD
DGraphTMSoftware Datasheet Included on the CD
DGraphTMSoftware Guide Included on the CD or on the help menu of DGraphTM Software user interface
Product Selection Guide Included on the CD

Software need to be used to setup and start data logger as well as download, graph, analyse, print and export data to other file formats. Data logger standard kit include the software named DGraphTM which can run under Windows XP, Vista, 7&8(32 bit and 64 bit Versions).For all details, please see the "DGraphTM Software Datasheet" and "DGraphTM Software Guide" on the CD included in product packing box.

When battery is exhasted or replaced, stored readings aren't lost. However, the latest logger task which have not been finished will be stopped and can't
be restarted even if new battery installed. You can setup datalogger via DGraphTMsoftware to restart new task.Especially, you can download data without
battery because USB interface can supply power directly.We recommend that you check the battery capacity before some important logging task.

Handle lithium batteries carefully, observe warnings on battery case, and dispose of in accordance with local regulations.

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usb high accuracy temp/humidity data logger

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