Taller gel adjustable insole---5 layers
Apply to all men and women sports shoes,casual shoes,leather shoes.
Removeble allows you to choose your height depending on the style of shoe you are wearing.
Very soft siliocone gel material.
Fits all sizes of shoes of men's and women's.
Each single section adds approximately 0.65cm(0.255") to your height.
Reduces back and knees presure when walking.Moulds to the shape of the foot,extremly comfortable.
Enhance blood circulation,reduce muscular aches and pians,shock-absobing after use it.
Increase confidence!
Can be washed with hand and dry in the air.
Washing method: warm water, gentle hand, natural dry, reusable, long-term use will not be flat deformation.
Net Wieght:144g
The Total Henght:3.4cm
Material:Siliocone Gel
Dimension:10cm x 6.4cm/3.93" x 2.51"(L x W)
One Size Fit All
SKU: 901951-MH-0007

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5 Layers Taller Insole Silicone Gel Inserts Lift Shoe Pads Height Increase

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